Our Building Process

The first and most important step in this process is communication with the customer. I have found that communication on a regular basis is very important to having the construction process run smoothly. When meeting with a client to gather information to draft a plan or using a plan they already have, we try to help our clients through all aspects of the building process by giving advice and ideas for the best use and most cost effective way to get their final product. Beginning the process of building your dream home is the design. As I have said previously, we do all of our own design and drawings as well as drawing individual floor plans.

There are many steps to the building process. Once you decide on the design of the home, the next step is to meet at the home site to determine the location of the home on the property. This will be a collaborative effort with both the home owner and builder to utilize the design of home and property characteristics. Once the construction process has begun, we will have numerous construction meetings at different stages, including but not restricted to:

  • Property prior to moving dirt.
  • After framing is complete prior to rough-in of mechanicals.
  • Completion of mechanicals prior to drywall.
  • Once drywall is complete prior to painting and trimming.
  • Mid-way through trim stage.
  • Final walk through.